A Dieticians View: The Sprinkle on Added Sugars!

Added Sugar (2)

Written by: Marian Davidove BS, RD, LD/N What is the difference between natural and added sugars and why the average American consumes nearly 1/2 a pound daily!! I was reading Renee’s latest post on her best kale salad and what struck me was Continue reading

Detox Soup – Its been a long month…

My birthday, Boston Brunchers’ birthday, work events, blah, blah, blah.  The days are getting shorter, the sun isn’t showing its head until about 7am, and it is just plain cold. Basically, I am making excuses for not working out this Continue reading

Healthy Snack Wednesday: Satisfying the Sweet Tooth

Warning: The recipe you are about to view is highly addictive. I have already made it twice this week because it is so easy and delicious. True story. (Contest has ended) Make sure to read through the end for a Continue reading

Healthy Snack Wednesday – Baked Arancini & Veggie Patch Giveaway!

Today’s Healthy Snack Wednesday theme is….are you ready….wait for it….SPINACH!! What? No firecrackers and confetti? What’s the problem? Spinach is a great ingredient and can add fantastic nutritional value to so many meals. (Oh yeah, don’t forget to read to Continue reading

Healthy Snack Wednesday!

Don’t forget to read to the bottom of this post for a great contest from Pretzel Crisps and Tribe Hummus! For our 2nd week of “Healthy Snack Wednesday”, Lara and I decided our highlighted ingredient would be oatmeal. When you Continue reading