A Dieticians View: The Sprinkle on Added Sugars!

Written by: Marian Davidove BS, RD, LD/N What is the difference between natural and added sugars and why the average American consumes nearly 1/2 a pound daily!! I was reading Renee’s latest post on her best kale salad and what struck me was Continue reading

A Whole Fresh Perspective – A Dietitian’s View on the Whole 30

If you follow me on Facebook, you heard the exciting news that my Cousin, registered dietitian, Marian Davidove BS, RD, LD/N, will be writing a monthly column on Eat.Live.Blog sharing her professional opinion on all things food related! I am ecstatic for Continue reading

Healthy Snack Wednesday: Boiled Peanuts (Don’t Knock it Before you Try it!)

I apologize greatly, but my pictures for this recipe are missing. I will update w/ pics as soon as I find them! I know what you are thinking…gross! Who wants to boil a peanut? Especially my readers up here in Continue reading