#86: Clean out our “Monica Closet.” See “Friends” season 8 episode 14 if you are confused

The first task is done! It feels good to scratch one off the list on day one! In all fairness, I started this task before my blog was published, but after I knew it was on my list. So should it really count in the 1001 days? Maybe not, but I am citing author’s privilege on this one!

My digital camera is broken (see task #77), so you do not get the joy of seeing the amazing before and after transition. But let me tell ya, it is good stuff! We actually found 3 boxes of clothes that I had never unpacked from 5 years ago when we moved here! I just assumed I probably won’t be needing those…

As I could have guessed, 99% of the stuff in there was trash. BUT, we did find a couple almost tear-inducing mementos. The best of these is a ticket to a Long Beach Short Bus concert that BF and I had bought on our very first date. How many people get a reminder of their first date, with the actual date printed on it! And then to find it 7 years later…what a great memory! Better yet, it proved that I have been right about our anniversary date for all these years!

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