#31 – Give Blood

I tool the plunge and made an appointment to give blood! So June 2nd, I will take my free pack of cookies and give my life juice to those who need it. In slightly other (slightly more selfish) news, this will also allow me to take care of #30 – Find out my blood type. Nothing like killing two birds with one stone (not that I would EVER advocate killing birds)!

I have only given blood 2 times of my life, and I only remember one. My very first time…ah the memories! The blood mobile came to good ole Dunedin High for seniors to start practicing their civic duty. In keeping with the spirit of volunteerism, I lied about my age (I was 16 or 17 at the time), and put a couple of rocks in my pocket to push me up to the 100 lb mark that was needed to give blood. I was a tiny little thing (once again, ah the memories!). I remember watching the blood back sway back and forth melodically as it drained me, and just like that it was done. The worst part was having the needle removed from my arm. AND, I got a pack of cookies and a soda for it! Totally worth the effort!

My question to myself is, if I was not traumatized by giving blood, why haven’t I been back in 15 years? Of course the answer is a simple, I’m lazy. Well, June 2nd will end that dry spout, and if all goes well, I pledge to donate regularly! There is no reason not to (have I mentioned you get free cookies) and it is such an easy way to give one of the most important and in demand donations. So get off your butts and join me in doing something good that won’t cost you a penny! To find a blood drive near you, visit http://www.redcrossblood.org/.

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