I am a slacker, but not really.

The bad news: I have completely been slacking on updating this blog on my progress and day to day/

The good news: It is not for lack of material. The reason I have been slacking is actually because I have been so busy, so that is definitely a good thing!

Posts I need to update you on:

  • I tried to give blood and failed
  • I did join the bone marrow registry
  • Ran in my first road race
  • Made my first appearance as a “guest blogger” Click Here to read the post
  • Was asked to have my research paper posted on www.edcabellon.com (I am slacking on that too btw)
  • Got a social media consulting contract for an amazing local restaurant chain www.pizzapalooza.com (follow us on Twitter or fan us on Facebook)

And I think I am missing a few things! So you see, my excuses are totally valid. However, I will update the blog on each and everyone of these items this weekend, so stay tuned for some edge of your seat blog reading friends!

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