#30 & 31 – I really did try!

Riddle me this. You make an appointment for something. You arrive early. The nice old lady at registration comments: “Oh how nice, you are five minutes early” with which she follows “there are 6 walk-ins in front of you and it will be an hour wait.”
Me- “But I don’t understand, I have an appointment”
Nice Old Lady- “Yes, but 6 people walked in ahead of you.”
Me- “But I have an appointment. Why do I have an appointment if it doesn’t matter?”
….and so on went the conversation.

This is what happened when I tried to donate blood (#30) and consequently find out my blood type (#31). And I must say, I was irrationally disappointed. I couldn’t even take it out on them because she was, well, a nice old lady. As soon as I got home, I went to the Red Cross website to see if there are any disclaimers about appointments. There are not.

Moral of the story- Just walk in dammit! You can then sit smuggly in your chair and smirk at the schmuck who walks in with an appointment expecting to be seen within the next 30 minutes.

I did make another “appointment” for Monday, June 28th. However this time I will be prepared with a book for when my “appointment” is actually just another walk-in…

I almost forgot! I did register for the Bone Marrow Registry, which should count for something! I have wanted to do this ever since a friend from high school had a son that needed a donor, but have never had the opportunity. Well, we were at an expo to pick up my race packet (post on this is coming) and there they were, the Bone Marrow Registry! My hand almost fell off from all the paper work, but after that it was a quick couple of cheek swabs and I was done!

A lot of people I told about this had the “you are brave” comment. But really, isn’t it a no-brainer? Sure, if you are called to donate it is an inconvenience, and painful, but you would be SAVING A LIFE. In my book that is definitely a no-brainer.

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