#51 – Complete the GRE

My graduation from FSU w/ mom & dad (1999)

Kamikaze style. Since I decided I was going back to school, I knew that I would have to go into the GRE kamikaze style. It has been 11 years since I have been in school and 16 years since I have taken a standardized test (the SAT). How do you possibly start studying after not being in that circle for so long? Easy, you don’t, you take the test kamikaze style!

2 days before the test I actually did do some studying. I tried to work on vocabulary, but what are the chances the words I cram in 2 days would actually be on the test? Plus, English was always my strong suit. So I put all of my 48 hours into taking math practice tests and reading the math review provided by ETS. What a great help this was! It actually increased my practice test score more than 150 points! The one thing I didn’t bother even thinking about was the written portion of the test. After all, my degree is in Creative Writing, right? So what do I need to worry about….

I finished the 2 writing sections in about 30 minutes total. For both sections. You have an hour and fifteen minutes allotted. I didn’t even bother to go back and proof read. Kamikaze style. I finished the entire GRE in an hour and forty-five minutes, not the allotted 4 hours. Kamikaze style.  When I hit the final submit button, I started to freak out. This is probably NOT the kind of event I should have kamikazied. I need a certain score.If I don’t get the score I need, I don’t get into my Masters program. Suddenly kamikaze style does not seem like the best idea.

I hit submit, answer the questions that make sure you want to get your score, and there it is. I got EXACTLY the scores I needed for my program! Holy crap! How did that even happy! So now a weight was lifted off of my shoulders and onto vacation I went…and then I got my writing score….

I won’t go into detail here, but I will say that the moral of my story is, kamikaze style is probably not the best way to go into a life altering situation. Preparation and a little bit of forethought are probably way better ideas!

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