#41 – Use only the stairs, no elevator or escalator, for one week

In a strange way, I was actually dreading #41 on my 101 list. Leading up to this challenge, my co-worker and I would often take the stairs one way for lunch, and it never seemed easy. The long, closed in stairwell always seemed to close in on us as we endlessly climbed and climbed, our lungs bursting with each step.


Now keep in mind this is coming from some one who averages over 250 minutes per week of cardio. I don’t get it, why can I run for 60 minutes but I can’t go up 5 flights of stairs without stopping for air? That’s right, I only work on the 4th floor, not the 12th (don’t judge me).

So each morning for the week, I parked on P2 (one day I was lucky with a P1 spot, one day not so lucky and ended up on P3) and began my trudge up to the 4th floor. I fully expected that by the end of the week I would be flying up the stairs, breezing past first year students with such ferociousness that they mistake me for a cool breeze. Not so much. The week came and went, and I was still stopping to breathe, but I made it through the week, cheating not even once! I did almost forget a couple of times, following my routine easily on the way back from lunch and falling into step with everyone heading to the elevator. But Lara saved me, reminding me that I was on a mission!


Not only did I not cheat, but I also continued on with my stairs crusade! In the last 3 weeks, I have taken the elevator exactly 4 times, and 2 of those were down. I am also happy to report that I can actually make it up the stairs without stopping and with my breath still in tact! Stair climbing has now become the rule instead of the exception. Which is especially nice on the days I skip the gym, so I don’t feel like a complete bum!

The facts of the week:

Times per day up and down the stairs: 4

Average # of flights per trip: 5

Average # of stairs per flight: 32

Average # of stairs per trip: 160

Approximate 3 of stairs for the 1 week: 3200

# of photos taken to take these “completely natural and not at all staged” action shots: 15

Special thanks to Lara for her photographic patience!

4 Replies to “#41 – Use only the stairs, no elevator or escalator, for one week”

  1. Love it! I’m with you – I try to take the stairs whenever I use the T since there’s no way I’d do it at work (I work on the 36th floor). Kudos to Lara for her photos too 🙂

  2. Wow, what an accomplishment. I go up one flight
    of stairs at work every day and it feels like four LOL.

    Keep up the excellent work, next Mount Everest!

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