Big Bertha, Fred & Kiki (aka Chantily) Stir-fry Join the Family!

I can’t really say that #81 is 100% complete, but it is pretty darn close. I am very happy to introduce you to the newest members of our family:

Kiki Stir-Fry (aka Chantily)

Big Bertha


Chantily is a shiny stainless steal 10.5 inch stir-fry pan, similar to her cousin Fred the stainless steel pot. Bertha however, is a hard anodized 12 inch pan. Bertha came with a litter, and we couldn’t seperate them, so we are now the proud owners of 10 inch and 8 inch clones of Bertha, and we couldn’t be prouder!

We initiated Bertha & Chantily with a delicious fajita dinner. The difference in the job these guys did, verses our old, scratched up, generic pans, was unbelievable. I am so excited to have my first set of grown-up pans, and can’t wait to see what kind of magic they can produce!

Oh yeah, I cannot forget a special thank you to Ryan for making the new pans happen sooner than I expected! They were a special gift for all the great cooking that has been happening lately!

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3 Replies to “Big Bertha, Fred & Kiki (aka Chantily) Stir-fry Join the Family!”

  1. Hey!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I just read about your 101 in 1001 project…. I think it’s awesome! So your Eat.Live.Blog. blog is a combination of your 101 in 1001 blog plus food-related posts? Again, awesome. The Booze Hound and I immediately started talking about the 101 things we’d do in 1001 days. He especially likes “Go to a Bruins game” 🙂 I will definitely follow you! You are soooo lucky to live in such a fabulous foodie city! Not that Knoxville doesn’t have its fair share of good eats… but it’s not Boston 🙂

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