Coming this Sunday to Massachusetts: The #BostonBloggerBrunch!!

I have been horrible with posting this week, so I thought I would get one more short post in before the week’s end. I am so excited for the start of the #BostonBloggerBrunch this coming Sunday. It all started during our dinner at Villa Francesca. When you get a bunch of foodies together, they obviously talk about food. And when you talk about food, you HAVE to talk about brunch. And then you HAVE to make plans to have said brunch.

So the idea was hatched and the #BostonBloggerBrunch club was formed. We will brunch once a month, and each month a different food blogger/tweeter will be responsible for the coordination of the brunch, which includes selecting a location and getting the invitations out.

Here are the details for our first meeting:


Attendees (and fabulous foodies to follow on Twitter):

So there it is, the beginning of the great #BostonBloggerBrunch club. 13 food bloggers and friends, 13 stomachs that love a good brunch! And don’t you worry, I am sure there will be more than 1 camera documenting it!  There are a few great food bloggers who could not make this round, but we look forward to having them at the October brunch!

13 Replies to “Coming this Sunday to Massachusetts: The #BostonBloggerBrunch!!”

  1. Oh, I’m so happy you get to meet other bloggers! There are a few in Knoxville, but certainly not as many as Boston– I’m a little jealous! Sometimes it’s hard being the only one obsessed with food in my circle of friends 🙂 Have fun!!

    • Thanks! It was such a great time! You should see if you can find some others in your area to do something like this with. You never know who you may find!

    • I’m glad you found me too! See my comment below to Meesh. We have set up a Twitter account for Boston Bloggers to find out about the brunches. Hope to meet you soon!

  2. What a lovely idea, wish I could be there trying out
    the goodies with you. The menu’s sounds superb.

    I have a bunch of Florida foodies following your blog and loving it.

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