East Coast Grill Brunch

What happens when you get over 20 food bloggers together to meet & eat? Well good times of course! The November meeting of the @BostonBrunchers took place at East Coast Grill in Inman Square, and surpassed all of our expectations.

Having arranged this brunch through ECG manager Robin, who was helpful and friendly every step of the way, I knew we were in store for a great morning. The line down the front of the building at 10:55 a.m. seconded that motion! I felt like a 6-year-old on her first day of school as I awaited  all of the screen names I am so familiar with to show up in real life! And guess what, they really do look like those little pictures next to their names! As soon as we sat down the cameras started flashing, and didn’t stop until after we had left the restaurant.

Robin did us a great service by having Arthur, a blogger as well, be our Brunch Captain for the day! Athur ran everything perfectly, getting 25 people through a nearly flawless meal in just about 2 hours. We never felt rushed, the wait staff was there with anything you needed, and the meal felt like a leisurely morning get together with a group of old friends.

All in all, this meeting of the Boston Brunchers was a huge success, and even left us wanting more…perhaps a private “Hell Night” event? Below you can see our whole morning as told by the camera. Keep reading for the big December brunch winners announcement, and a list of the amazing bloggers who attended this brunch.

A list of all the amazing bloggers who made our East Coast Grill brunch so memorable:

Athena, Bianca, Brian, Christine, Emily, Erin, Michelle & Mr Fun & Fearless (aka: Bret), Jen & her taste-tester Carlos, Justin & editor Leah, Karen, Robin, Lara, Kathy, Daisy, Katie, Elizabeth, Seth & the brave Jordan, and Dan


Contest winner announcement time! Thank you so much to all of the great food bloggers who entered the contest for brunch at KO Catering & Pies on December 11th! Not only were your comments great, but I found a whole slew of new blogs to read! So, thank you! The winners were selected by an outside party representing KO Catering & Pies. All identifying information was removed before they were given the comments to judge. If you are a winner, please DM me your email address so I can send you the details! In no particular order:

Congratulations, and I will see you at brunch!
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8 Replies to “East Coast Grill Brunch”

  1. Thanks again for planning such a wonderful event! I’m sorry to miss the next brunch (I’ll be off celebrating Hanukkah with Lara’s fabulous brisket recipe) but I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  2. Thank you to all the wonderful food bloggers who entered the competition and shared their Australian story. Our Australian food brunch is going to be different in service and style. We look forward to meeting you and apologize upfront that no booze can be served due to licensing.

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