Winners of the Pretzel Crisps and Tribe Origins Giveaway!

The moment you have been waiting for all week is here…and the envelope please! chose the following comments as our winners:

For the Pretzel Crisps prize pack, including a full case of Pretzel Crisps, the lucky winner was comment #20…Which belonged to NJJ!

Now, NJJ did not leave any contact info, so I am hoping you read this so I can get you your awesome Pretzel Crisps prize pack!

Now for the winners of the Tribe Origins giveaway! Each of these lucky commenters will receive TWO coupons that are each good for a free tub of their favorite Tribe Origins Hummus! picked comments #25, 7, and 31, which respectively belong to Emily, KitchenMisfit and Sweetone!

Congratulations to all! Please renh77 at gmail your address so I can have your prizes sent to you. If you didn’t win, you have 2 more days to enter over at! Check back in with me this Wednesday for yet another Healthy Snack Recipe giveaway!

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