The Best Chicken Kabobs for My Money…In 500 Words or Less

Boston Food Bloggers issued us a “homework” assignment in their last newsletter. The assignment challenged us to write a restaurant review in 500 words or less….with no pictures! If you have seen what food bloggers look like when they go out to eat, you know that asking us to put away our cameras is a pretty ballsy request. So, last Wednesday night after a late night in class, I decided to pick up dinner from my favorite local hole, Demo’s. I wanted something cheap, healthy, and scintillating to my taste buds (we aren’t allowed to use words like “tasty”, “delicious” or “yummy” for this “assignment”. They did not say we couldn’t use “parentheses” however). Now healthy, cheap and scintillating are not words that can generally be lumped together in fast food. But lucky, Demo’s is not a restaurant that is fond of being just a generalization.

Demo’s is, for all intents and purposes, a hole in the wall on the main strip of Mt Auburn Street in Watertown, MA. You walk in and instantly know that they have not redecorated the place since they initially opened gosh-knows-when. The blue diner booths and the linoleum floors do NOT give you the illusion that you are in for a five star meal, neither is the fact that you order at the counter. The locals sitting with their families, co-workers, or by themselves, DO tell you that this is a reliable restaurant with straight-forward, reliable fare.

So what about the food you ask? Well, as you can guess from the name, Demo’s is Greek in ethnicity. The menu is small and true to the most basic of Greek offerings. The kabobs are why the locals are really here. Available in either chicken, beef or lamb, the kabobs are delicately marinated to bring out their natural flavors, not mask them, and are fire grilled with onions and peppers. For just about $6 you can get the “Kabob Sandwich”, a meal consisting of one kabob, traditional greek salad, and pita bread. Dig in that wallet, and for a whopping $12 you can get a kabob dinner (2 kabobs, rice, greek salad and pita).

While the kabobs are healthy and pure, the greek salad is why I keep coming back. You know about my greek salad bias. Well, Demo’s is one of the only Greek joints in the Boston area that gets it right. A plate of nothing but iceberg lettuce, tomato, onion, feta and REAL greek dressing (aka: white vinegar, oil and a few seasonings). That is it. Nothing froo, froo, nothing creamy. Just real greek goodness.

If I hadn’t ended up in Watertown, I may have never found Demo’s. That would have been sad because it would mean I only would get GOOD greek food when I went home to Florida. Thank goodness for the small things in life…thank goodness for Demo’s!

And that, my friends, is my review in 500 words or less, and with no pictures! How’d I do?

Demo’s is located at 64 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown, MA 02472 617-924-9660

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  1. Very cool! Kudos on doing the assignment. It’s hard enough for me to sometime get posts finished even with pictures. I think Rachel brought up blogger neighborhood tours. Watertown would be great. So many spots there I love.

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