Healthy Snack Wednesday: Boiled Peanuts (Don’t Knock it Before you Try it!)

I apologize greatly, but my pictures for this recipe are missing. I will update w/ pics as soon as I find them!

I know what you are thinking…gross! Who wants to boil a peanut? Especially my readers up here in New England, down south you may be somewhat more accepting/ familiar with this concept. Well, I will tell you who wants to eat them…me! And you will too after you try them.

This southern tradition was first introduced to me by my college roommate Lori. We were both from the Tampa Bay area, yet in my immigrant upbringing, I never met a boiled peanut. Thank goodness Lori came into my life!

We all know that peanuts are a fabulously healthy snack! When they are eaten without a lot of additives or extras, they are even better. Boiled peanuts allow you to have all of that nutrition with no added “no-nos”. For 33 nuts (each nut is one meat serving from inside a shell, not all of the nuts in each shell) you get 89 calories, 2.5 grams of fiber, and 3.8 grams of protein! Now, these are peanuts, so you do also get 6.2 grams of fat, but it is the good fat that your body needs!

Boiled peanuts have the added  bonus of a rich, smokey taste that naturally occurs when you boil these them. You will be surprised of what boiling does to the taste of the nut, pleasantly surprised.

Let’s talk texture for a second, because this is the part of a boiled peanut that may lose you. The shell gets soft, water leaks into the shell and squirts at you when you bite into it, and the nut inside is soft. Doesn’t sound so great? Well, it is! The first time you bite into a shell, you may coil back in surprise, wondering what the hell this snack is! But, most of you will go back for another, and another, because the flavor is amazing, and the textures all grow on you and you will start to crave them.

These peanuts are best served warm. Once they are cooked, you may keep them in the pot and just snack at them throughout the day, or store them in the fridge and microwave them for a couple of seconds before indulging. This is yet another portable snack that is perfect to take to work and keep you going throughout the day!


  • Raw peanuts (uncooked, unsalted, in the shell…as many as you like)
  • Salt (2 tbsp per pound of peanuts)
  • Water

Stove Top Directions

  • Place peanuts and salt in a saucepan and cover, plus 2 inches, with water
  • Bring pot to a boil
  • Cover and reduce to a simmer
  • Allow to simmer for a minimum of 4 hrs
  • Peanuts are ready when the shells easily press in when you press them between your finger
  • Drain and enjoy! (only eat the inside, not the shell)

Crockpot Directions

  • Place peanuts and salt in crockpot and cover, plus 2 inches, with water
  • Turn heat on high for 1 hour
  • Reduce to low heat
  • Let cook over night, or for a minimum of 6 hrs
  • Peanuts are ready when the shells easily press in when you press them between your fingers
  • Drain and enjoy! (only eat the inside, not the shell)

5 Replies to “Healthy Snack Wednesday: Boiled Peanuts (Don’t Knock it Before you Try it!)”

  1. I hate peanuts! It is about the only food I’ve never enjoyed. They even make me gag. Boiled peanuts, on the other hand, I love love love! Every time I go to Alabama to visit my dad, I have to get some. In fact, I’m here now and just bought a small serving at the local harbor to bring back to the house (Dad lives on the lake) I figured it would take me a couple of days to eat the whole cup full and so I bought the smaller size. I finished it up in half an hour and now I’m wishing I had bought the large size! So, definitely… do not turn your nose up to them. They are truly addicting! Will one day try to make them using this recipe. Thanks!

  2. I am from Queens, New York. I was never a peanut eater.We moved to Atlanta and one day my hubby said, “here try this:”. I said, I am not eating that… it looked like a big wet bug. He convinced me… I tried it… and starting buying it from the corner store.. then I found a canned boiled peanut and tried it… Margaret Holmes brand… OMG! I only see them in Ingles Store, but I buy them by the 6-pack (hehe) I make my own 6 pack. They are great with Moscato wine (Sutter Home). I only eat the hard ones… and I get the Cajun canned peanuts, it is cheaper than the corner store and they are always in my cabinet. Um Umm … I am eating them now….!

  3. I LOVE Boiled PNuts. They aee delicious. But the person really have to cook them right to enjoy them to the fullest extent with out any kind of crunch. If you haven’t tried them ……Then Try Them!!!

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