My 100th Blog Post!

Here it is, the big 1-0-0. I hate milestones. They just put pressure on you for no real reason. I mean, who decided that 100 is a big deal, and not 74?

Regardless, I have to do something special for #100, right? Well, I thought, and thought, and then thought some more. And then I realized, I had the perfect 100th post! It should be VERY special, right? Well, what could be more special than sharing a milestone with your mom on mother’s day (or some time during mother’s day week, as the case may be)?

So, I dedicate my 100th post to my wonderful mom. We like to refer to her as Doris Day. Really, she has been the perfect mom. She worked 9 – 5 and some how still managed to have a hot dinner for us every night, help us with science projects, and teach us how to be truly kind, good people.

Mom & I with fabulous 80's hair on our family "yacht"

Now, we are mother and daughter, which means we do not always get along perfectly. But in all honesty, I am seriously one lucky girl to have been raised by this amazing woman! If you ask me about my ideas on raising kids, I would tell you that unless you can repeat the way my mom & dad raised me, you shouldn’t even bother.

Mom and I with my aunt Peggy, cousin Marian, and my sister Debbie.
Mom and I with my aunt Peggy, cousin Marian, and my sister Debbie.

My parents taught me to be a strong, independent woman. And while I think they some times think I am a little TOO independent now, I think they gave me every tool I could ever need to be a successful adult. And above all else, they taught me how to be a very happy person. I like being happy!

College graduation w/ mom & dad

So readers, for my special 100th blog post, I ask a favor of you, a gift if you will. Please leave a comment here to wish my mom a happy mother’s day (her name is Sue) and help me make this milestone post special for some one who truly deserves it.

At Debbie's wedding shower

Love you moms!

PS- I entered my mom and I in a look-alike contest on Eversave’s Facebook Page! Please “like” their page, then “like” the photo colage of my mom and I to help us win! We are photo # 50 in the contest!

13 Replies to “My 100th Blog Post!”

  1. Happy Mother’s Day, Sue! My mom raised me just about the same way… she worked so much and yet she was always there for the 5 of us too. I wouldn’t be the person I am without her.

    Congratulations on your 100th post, Renee!

  2. Well I have to agree with Renee! I am the “other” daughter. Though I have my own parents, if it were not for Sue and the Hirschberg family, my life would have gone in a very different direction. They taught me the true meaning of family. Sue gave me many tools to become an adult and she treated me like one of her own. I owe many of my successes to her….including her prediction….of Mrs. Hubbly Bubbly! I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day! Hugs & kisses……Lynnie Pooh

  3. Happy Mother’s Day, Sue.
    I have been so fortunate to get to know and become good friends with your mom, Renkie. She is very proud of you! Your success is a testament to her, so keep it up.

  4. Happy Mother’s Day, Sue! That was a really sweet tribute to your mom, Renee. I can feel the love all the way up here. Congratulations on your 100th post! Have a great week, Candace

  5. First of all Mazel Tov on #100 and thank you
    so much for the dedication. I feel
    honored and am very proud of you.
    An amazing mother’s day tribute and gift which
    I will cherish forever. It has been printed
    and going into my book of life 🙂
    Love you so very much. Thank you everyone for
    your kind words and wishes

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