Happy Father’s Day Pops! And Hey New Englanders…Win Some Free Meals!

You all read about my amazing mom back in May. Well, July is here and it is the perfect time to celebrate the other half of who made me…me! My pops!

It is impossible to be around my pops and not crack a smile. Seriously, try it next time you are in a grumpy mood (shameless plug…you can visit him here!). I dare you to hear his hearty belly laugh and not break into fits of laughter yourself. Fair warning, it is not at all uncommon for him to break into one of these fits…

Hungry? My pops will cook you one heck of a meal…but be sure to keep your plate away from him, he isn’t scared to reach over and grab a little of that meal back. I guess the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree!

I am so incredibly lucky to have this man as my father.  People meet him, and they remember him, period. People WANT to be in his life. And I was rewarded with having him as a father. Wow.

Seriously, anyone who toted the wife and kids AND in-laws cross-country for 3 weeks in this wagon is truly someone special!

So, to the man with the most contagious laugh you have ever heard, Happy Father’s Day Pops! I love you with all my heart, and am giggling just thinking about you watching Jumping Jack Flash!

 And Now its Contest Time!

Now, for everyone in the New England area, I have one more giveaway for you this week thanks to Eversave. Today’s giveaway is for the $30 at Ristorante Pavarotti in Reading, MA. If you don’t win today’s giveaway, you can always head over to Eversave to buy it for only $15!

To Enter:

  • Follow Eversave on Twitter or Facebook and comeback here to comment you did so. Also include what your plans for this weekend are.
  • For an additional entry, tweet:  “I want to win Friday’s Father’s Day Restaurant Save from @renh77 and @EversaveBOS! https://eatliveblog.com!”

All winners will be randomly selected and announced Friday afternoon (6pm) at which point Eversave will email you your prize. Make sure to come back tomorrow and Friday to enter to win some more great prizes from Eversave!

Don’t forget that you can still enter the contests from Wednesday and Thursday as well!

Disclosure: I did receive compensation from Eversave.com in order to broadcast this week’s giveaways. I have not been to the Black Lobster, nor am I endorsing it. I do stand behind Eversave.com as my very favorite “deal site”, going back to way before any partnership I have with the site now. I have used Eversave as both an advertiser and as a consumer and have always been very happy.

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