My New England Fave Five: A Retrospective Guest Post by Midnight Snark

I first “met” Kim through some salacious Twitter chat over American Idol. There are very few pop-culture “tweeters” who can get snark right, and Kim is part of the crew that does! I can always count on her for a witty comeback when tweeting about Tiger Woods, or for her to get my sarcasm…and take it one step further….when shuttering at the choices for the best “talent” in America.

So naturally, when I decided I needed to fill my blogging laziness this summer with some guest posts, I thought of Kim! Luckily for me, Kim not only blogs about pop-culture over at Midnight Snark, but she also blogs about food and travel! Perfect! So, without further ado, meet my Twitter pal Kim!

My New England Fave Five: A Retrospective

By Kim Windyka of Midnight Snark

As much as the word “foodie” can connote snobbery, I’ve recently accepted that it at least partially describes me, at least in the sense of being “devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment”, which I TOTALLY am. And as I prepare to move out of the region I’ve lived in for the past 15 years for the Sunshine State, I can’t help but think about all of the delicious meals and great restaurants that stand out when I take a look back. These five in particular, though they may not make any “Best of” lists, really made a positive impression on me.

Tremont 647 – Boston

I don’t think I could make this list without including a place that’s part of Boston’s “restaurant row” in the chichi South End. Granted, I also visited this place during Restaurant Week, so they were on their best behavior, but the food and cozy atmosphere were phenomenal (they also got bonus points for having a super-cute bartender on duty that night). Not to mention, I was extremely curious about this place because executive chef Andy Husbands was a contestant on Hell’s Kitchen and I wanted to see what he could, er, cook up. My friends and I were completely impressed with all of our meals. To start, I had a rock shrimp and sweet corn risotto with black truffles which was so rich and amazing; it could have been an entrée in itself. The ACTUAL main course was equally delicious: a sage-crusted ribeye with sweet potato gratin and sweet ‘n sour kale. For dessert? A house-made cherry ice cream and a brownie. I loved the way this place put a fun, hip twist on classic comfort food. If I lived in the South End, dare I say, I’d be a regular!

Fugakyu – Brookline, MA

 In probably the weirdest combination of events ever, my friend and I grabbed dinner here before the NKOTBSB concert at Fenway. I still don’t really get it! Nonetheless, Fugakyu trumped even my local sushi spot in Melrose, Sushi Corner, as my favorite place to chow down on some maki. First, the booths are SO cool. It’s like you’re literally in your own little private cubby, and can even close the partition for privacy. Though, that could be kind of awkward since you need your server to y’know, serve you. Anyways, I ordered the crunchy maki, which was filled with sautéed tuna, scallop, onion and avocado, and the shrimp tempura maki. Both were presented beautifully (see photo) and hands-down the tastiest sushi I’ve ever had. Service was prompt and friendly as well. Plus, I give them bonus points for offering unique rolls that convinced me to order something OTHER than the spicy tuna roll.

The Steakhouse – Wells, ME

On a “vacation” to Maine in the summer of 2009, during which it basically rained every. single. day, AND Billy Mays died, the meal I had at this unassuming eatery was the absolute highlight of the trip. On the outside, it’s a ho-hum barn that more or less matches its name. The inside, however, has a similarly rustic but more upscale vibe that reflects much more on the restaurant’s classy menu of steaks, chops, and seafood. I was with my parents, so naturally money was no object and I went surf ‘n’ turf style with the steak and baked, stuffed jumbo shrimp. So buttery, so yummy, so perfect. I think I just gained 10 pounds thinking about it. If you’re in the mood to indulge, stop here. And if you’re in the Wells area, you’re probably on vacation, so indulge, will ya?

S&P Oyster Co – Mystic, CT

I was in Mystic last year for my 24th birthday, and was in the mood for a nice seafood dinner…I guess Mystic has that effect. Anyways, as I downed my celebratory whiskey sours at the buzzin’ bar, I perused the menu for the perfect dish and most definitely found it in S&P’s Seafood Pasta. Shrimp, Stonington sea scallops, calamari, and mussels all tossed with basil in a white wine garlic sauce and served over Tagliatelle pasta. It was super-satisfying, yet light at the same time…perfect for a gorgeous summer evening.

KO Prime – Boston, MA

Another Restaurant Week visit was to this steak joint near Downtown Crossing. The funky, dark, and slightly romantic ambiance makes it a perfect spot to impress a date. The staff was extremely kind, knowledgeable, and extremely understanding of my need to leave the table to go outside and search for my friend, who was making her way blindly down Tremont St. due to irritation from her contacts (another story for another day). Needless to say, she made it in and we enjoyed an awesome meal here. Besides the apps that were already included – I got a radicchio and arugula salad – we shared beef carpaccio which came complete with quail egg, a yummy first for me. The entrée, dubbed a “deconstructed beef wellington”, consisted of a filet with puff pastry, foie gras powder and mushroom ragout. All was fabulous, but the dessert really put it over the top: roasted banana ice cream with banana cake and spiced rum toffee sauce. You best believe my dining partner and I cleaned our bowls.


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