Eversave does it again! Everyone gets $10….and Some One Wins $20 more!

My good friends over at Eversave, my favorite discount site for all things food and shopping, are doing it again! Today Eversave is kicking off a three-day $10 Giveaway Member Appreciation Event!  They’ll be giving every Eversaver a $10 credit to use toward any deal Tuesday, August 23rd through midnight on August 25th.  This is a huge bonus, whether you’re already a member or just hearing about Eversave for the first time. Millions of dollars in Save Reward credits are being given away as part of this promotion!

I think I am going to use my $10 reward towards this awesome Jeans.com Save! Or maybe towards this vacation retreat….or a massage!! Yeah, I have my work cut out for me! The best part, I can buy things for myself here in Boston, for my family in Tampa, or in any other part of the US that I will be heading to!

But wait! Eversave has been nice enough to offer one of my readers an additional $20 in Eversave Rewards! All you have to do is comment on  this post telling me about the best deal you have ever gotten. Make sure to post your comment by 10am on Thursday, August 25th. I will announce the winner that afternoon. The winner will be chosen using Random.Org. Good luck, and happy shopping!

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14 Replies to “Eversave does it again! Everyone gets $10….and Some One Wins $20 more!”

  1. Best deal I’ve ever gotten? Hmm…if you ask the hubby I save us money all the time! I’d have to say any deal involving free food is my favorite 🙂

  2. The best deal I got was for $39: I got an hour-long massage at a spa AND a $25 gift certificate to use for my next appointment! So instead of paying $90 for the massage and then another $90 to come back, I paid $14 for the first massage and got $25 of the next one!! What a steal!

  3. best deal? Today’s came just in time for me, a shellac maní and spa pedí for only $25! My wedding is a short 2 weeks away and this helped a LOT to save me money after all hat we’ve spent already.

  4. best deal? well I got a really nice golf save from them and it turned out to be one of my best days golfing. but I want to tout my recent save for brazilian bbq. those words just oozes carnivore! thanks eversave!

  5. I recently bought some land’s end items for 90% off online with free shipping.. multiple sales and discount codes in effect.. woot!

  6. I bought a coupon for the Body shop ($10 for 20) and they had a massive sale, so i spent 10$ but got around 80 dollars worth of goods

  7. SO many to choose from! I got a $30 voucher for dinner at Pescatore, an absolute gem in Somerville. I used my save rewards so I got the voucher for free 🙂 At the restaurant, I just had to pay for tax, tip, and whatever minimal amount of the bill was over the $30. I had a delicious dinner out at an amazingly affordable price!

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