Meet Reisey! Puppy Post Thanks to Petsmart

This is exciting for me. Thanks to a new blog sponsor, you all get to meet my pup Reisey! After all, why should it just be the humans that get to read about yummy food?!

Reisey with her homemade shank bone. Only natural for our pup!

Now, this sweet little girl is a rescue we got from the the S.A.F.E Society when we were in Florida. They had her mom on site, and she was “diagnosed” to be half chihuahua and half whippet. Yeah. I know, odd.

We think Reisey’s pops must have been a Jack Russell, and that is where she gets her intense athletic ability from. Whatever her parents were, our pup turned out to look like a 16 lb black lab puppy and she doesn’t bark, so it totally works!

A few months ago I was approached by a representative of PetSmart to write some blog posts on Reisey in exchange for a year’s worth of dog food for her. I did a lot of research on the food being offered, Simply Nourish, and looked into the ingredients (of which I can pronounce them all!), because really, saving $600 in a year is NOT worth putting Reisey’s health at risk. But, the news was good! Simply Nourish is receiving great reviews, and it matches up nutritionally to Reisey’s needs.

She is an all-weather kind of dog!

I gladly accepted the offer. Now, what does this mean? Well, over the next year I am going to write once a month  about Reisey. Don’t worry, I’ll include pictures! I am going to talk about switching her over to a new dog food, changes in her activity, and just some cute doggy stuff.

Cooling off after a hard game of soccer. You can tell she had a good workout when she gets jowls around her smile.

I understand that some of my usual audience may not give a crap about dog talk, so I will understand if you choose not to read these posts. But hopefully there will be some new readers at well who love dogs, and food, and…well…dog food!

Ready to play defense in a mean game of soccer with the giant tennis ball.

A Little About Reisey:

  • Born: Debatable. Sometime in May of 2004. This makes her around 7 years old. Or if you ask Ryan, 12 years old…no concept of time.
  • Breed: Chippet Terrier! (1/4 Chihuahua, 1/4 Whippet, 1/2 Terrier)
  • Current Food: To date, Reisey has always been fed Science Diet’s Natures Best Small Bites (rotating between chicken and lamb flavor).
  •  Current Weight: 17 lbs (Her girlish figure sometimes fluctuates up to 19 lbs when she has spent a weekend at grandma or grandpa’s)
  • Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Licking feet
  • Favorite Hobby: Playing soccer with the GIANT tennis ball in the yard (she is an all star defender)
  • Favorite Snack: Well, Reisey doesn’t get much outside of her dry food and Nutro All-Natural Crunchy Treats. That being said, carrots & peanut butter tops her list of doggy dream treats!

Disclaimer: I am being provided with one year supply of Simply Nourish courtesy PetSmart in exchange for writing about Reisey. I was not given a subject to write about or a required amount to write. All opinions are my own. If at any time I see any ill-effects to Reise from switching diets, I will cease to feed her Simply Nourish, and I will disclose that in this series as well.

A special thank you to Good Cook Doris for connecting me with this sponsor!

What is your pet’s favorite treat?

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  1. Aw love the pictures! She definitely looks a little Jack Russell-ish. Gunner gets special Science Diet food because he has food allergies, but he does get to enjoy a nice rawhide bone every now and then.

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