Adventures in Boston – Boston Chocolate Tour of Faneuil Hall & The North End

In mid-August, my sister came to Boston for her birthday. By now my readers know that when my sister comes to town, we always have something fabulous planned, and it usually includes a lot of food, and discovering New England. This trip we decided to stay in Boston, but still include the “lot of food” part of our tradition.

For this special weekend, the people at Boston Chocolate Tours were fabulous enough to let us join their tour of Faneuil Hall and the North End. Here is a quick photo recap of where we went, and the fabulous things we ate, saw and learned:

We met the group at Godiva in Faneuil Hall. Did you know that this is the oldest Godiva storefront (and the only 2 level store) in the United States? Godiva rep Kyle educated us on all things Godiva, had us sample various deliciousness, and sent us home with a big dark chocolate bar and some truffles!

We crossed the busy pedestrian mall and headed into Cheers, my only “miss” of this tour. Apparently Cheers has a specially made Boston Cream Pie that is unlike any other. It was okay, it wasn’t chocolaty. This stop did not “do it” for me…Cheers on Urbanspoon
We then traveled to the other end of the mall for some chocolate cake from Wagamama. Chocolate cake from Wagamama?! Oh yeah! This could quite possibly (and surprisingly) be one of the best chocolate cakes I have ever eaten. Good on you Boston Chocolate Tours for finding a surprising chocolate delight in an unexpected venue!Wagamama on Urbanspoon

We prepared for the 5 minute walk to the North End with chocolate chip cookies from the Boston Chipyard, and we were on our way! Our first stop, Mike’s Pastry. If you visit Boston, if you eat dessert, it is kind of mandatory that you stop at Mike’s! Here they treated us with full-sized chocolate cannoli! This thing was huge! I was about to pop at this point, so I wrapped my cannoli to take as a treat for later.

Mike's Pastry on Urbanspoon

We continued our journey to the lesser traveled Salem Street in the North End. You may remember this street from such movies as The Town & trailers for I Don’t Know How She Does It. But we were on to better things! Things like Sapori di Napoli. A hidden gem where they take the term “authentic” seriously. We had a delicious chocolate drink that the owner mixed for us himself as he preached about the truth of an authentic cannoli. It was charming!

Unfortunately the lighting inside was NOT conducive to photos.

Yup, we’re still going! On to Lulu’s Sweet Shoppe which you may remember used to be at the top of Hanover Street. Welp, they outgrew their old digs and our now in a bigger shop on Salem Street. And their cupcakes are just as fabulous as I remember them. Honestly, these are some of my favorite cupcakes in Boston. They are always moist and taste like the flavor they are advertised to be.Lulu's Sweet Shoppe on Urbanspoon

With just 2 stops left, we trotted over to Maria’s Pastry, a charming family owned and family run bakery. Maria is the only one doing the baking here, as she is the only one who knows the traditional family recipes. But you will find her daughter, sister, niece and more working behind the counter and being…well, charming! We sampled some delicious traditional treats, and Debbie & I couldn’t leave without a piece of their beautiful marzapan!Maria's Pastry Shop on Urbanspoon

It was time, our last stop was looming. But lo and behold, it was one of my favorite sweet stops…Saus! Co-Owner Renee (the girl w/ the great name!) told us all about the restaurant as she handed out delicious bites of the UNBELIEVABLE Belgian Liege Waffles topped with Homemade Nutella, and one with their Salted Carmel. My opinion – these waffles are so damn good they need NO sauce. Debbie licked the sauce off the cup (not really, but she wanted to!)Saus on Urbanspoon

And that concluded our tour. We had a fabulous time, and enjoyed some delicious things. And our guides Miriam and Gabby made it even more fun, while imparting their chocolate wisdom, and lots of fun local chocolate history, upon us.

This tour is a perfect way for visitors to get a “sweet” inside look at Boston, or for locals to be a tourist for the day! The only thing I would question is the choice of including Cheers…but hey, that’s a small hiccup.

In addition to this tour, Boston Chocolate Tours also provides tours of Boston’s Back Bay, South End and Harvard Square. They also host chocolate school!

Disclaimer: This Chocolate Tour was provided free of charge for me and my guest. All opinions and descriptions above are my own statements and thoughts.

And now a contest from our friends at Eversave!

My good friends at Eversave Boston have offered my Boston area readers another contest! You will win the  60 minute Massage currently offered by Eversave Boston!! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me about your favorite chocolate experience. Entries must be received by Saturday, September 3, 2011 at 10am.

Have a happy & safe Labor Day weekend!

4 Replies to “Adventures in Boston – Boston Chocolate Tour of Faneuil Hall & The North End”

  1. Hmm…you know chocolate isn’t my first choice when it comes to desserts. But I LOVE spicy chocolates and I had an incredible spicy chocolate ice cream at Jeni’s Ice Cream in the North Market in Columbus, OH. Queen City Cayenne….yum!

  2. My favorite chocolate experience was a dessert I had at Sel de La Terre. It was the warm chocolate fondant cake served with homemade marshmallow and graham cracker ice cream. I can still remember every mouthful of this dessert – it was amazing. Wish I was eating it right now!!!

  3. Fabulous recap! I agree with you on all fronts, it’s a great way to see that part of Boston from a sweet perspective. Miriam was my tour guide as well, she is really great:)
    I am jealous of the Saus addition…haha

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