#BBBos Recap Coming Soon….but First…

I had an amazing day yesterday at the first ever Blog Better Boston conference at the Google Offices in Cambridge. Even more amazing, I was a speaker on the Building Traffic and Community panel! My co-panists Krista and Katy were amazing, and so much fun! Not to mention the fabulous Adri who moderated our panel like a pro!

I am not going to give you my full recap now. I have to wait to beg to borrow photos from more responsible bloggers, since I did not take one. But I did want to show you these amazing Sketch Notes drown by Katie. This blows me away!Sketch Notes from Blog Better Boston

One of the coolest things ever, right?! Anyway, I will write more later. Let me just leave you with this thought…. I have definitely been bitten by the social media bug. This is what I am meant to be doing…. Thank you to the Blog Better Boston gals for an amazing day!

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  1. Hello Renee–I’m blogger Biddy Bytes from Rhode Island and Asheville (daughter’s in Boston)…and I was especially intrigued by quoted line Susan Johnson of the Urban Muse attributed to you: “If you can’t find the community (your commenters), create it.”

    I did respond to that on Susan’s Urban Muse…

    I have to tell you younger bloggers: As an older blooger, my audience numbers confuse me (numbers of hits I’m seeing are really good–but folks are waaayyy too quiet, despite my prompts and requests, my invited to give their take.) Is it mainly because my audience might be older (despite Alexa’s ‘audience’ stats that show me 25-34 coming to me, from work) and thus not in the commenting mode (Hell, many are even afraid if they lend their name on a site, others can somehow get to their bank acc’t…I kid you not.)

    All sorts of fear-based reactions…

    So, how exactly did you mean, ‘create it (an audience)’? Like Steve Martin created his party-goers in “The Lonely Guy?” by propping up cardboard look-alikes in the window?

    • Hi Colleen! Thanks for the kind words!
      I think one of the best things you can do, to gain commenters, is exactly this…comment on other people’s blogs. Once they see your name a couple times, they will absolutely head over to your blog to reciprocate. Another great tool is to add a question at the bottom of your post. A lot of times people want to comment, but just don’t know what to say, so giving them a question as a prompt may help!
      Do you have a couple of bloggers you know in real life? Maybe you can get together with them and form a kind-of “commenting alliance” where you each visit each others’ blogs once per week and write a comment. By having some one “get the ball rolling”, some of your more shy readers may feel more inclined to comment as well. Hope any of this helps!

      • OK…I get it…THAT makes sense. Now, instead of merely seeing an adorable girl (you) on your blog, eating that ice cream that makes me salivate (I’m an ice cream fanatic), I now engage with you–in actuality–by posting…your answering…I respond. Wow!.Now, would you believe that no one has ever clearly defined that to me, before? It’s odd that something that seems so radically-simple would need clarificiation…at least, to me. I still say we older bloggers have a hard time getting audience to respond for all the reasons I stated…I’ve thought of putting a mere checksheet for yes/ no answers to facilitate those shy types…Thanks for your quick response…

        • Ha! Glad it makes sense 🙂 And I do think you have a point with an older generation. Things that come easily to a generation that grew up with technology (ie: knowing how to comment on a blog) do NOT come easily to a generation who has not been as exposed to the technology. Maybe you could do a blog post on how to comment? Seriously. Your readers may find it really useful!

  2. it was very informative, and i learned a lot. it’s so awesome to know that there’s so many people out there willing to share their experiences and advice with newbie bloggers. i appreciate it. 🙂

    hope you enjoy your day, and hope i can meet you in person at the next event (not sure when, since I’m in CT.. but I’ll do my best to attend the april event.)


  3. Renee – It was so amazing to meet you last weekend at BBBos and I was so thrilled to have you speak on the panel. The quote mentioned above about building the community you want is exactly why Alana and I created Blog Better Boston. That quote seemed to resonate with so many bloggers on so many levels as I read through everyone’s recaps. I hope we can stay in touch and see each other again soon! maybe I will attend one of those brunches 🙂 If you will have me, that is!

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