There’s a New Ice Cream Shop in Town!

I find it weird that I had to move from Florida to Boston to find good, local ice cream. Ever since Rancatore’s, and then Brigham’s, closed up shop near my house, it has been slim pickings. I love ice cream, but I am not really going to drive to it (except for this place). But, this past Saturday the ice cream powers that be smiled upon my neighborhood, and Moozy’s Ice Cream & Yogurt Emporium opened its doors!

Bright colored, cheery, and definitely a throw back to the 50’s, Moozy’s is a “malt shop”, if you will, with modern appeal. There is outdoor seating for sunny afternoons with a frothy float, booths for romantic dates over a banana split, and bar seats from which you can sip a lime rickey. It is quite a change from the Brigham’s, but still keeps the air of an old-time ice cream shop.

On my first visit, I decided to go for it and get the sundae . I did show restraint and get the small for Ryan and I to share….but small was apparently just a label. I guess getting 6 scoops of ice cream is a good thing when the small costs $6. The lady helping me told me I get as many toppings as I would like, but I went with the classic hot fudge, nuts and (real!!) whipped cream. The hot fudge was the extra thick kind, that actually tastes like real chocolate and not chocolate syrup. I am a fan.

Actual REAL fresh fruit toppings!

The ice cream is from local Attleboro, MA. company, Bliss Dairy, which has been a New England mainstay since the late 1800’s! I chose banana and snickers ice cream for our sundae. The banana was divine! It had a definite fresh banana flavor, and was thick and creamy. The snickers ice cream (which Ry preferred), was a chocolate base with nuts and chocolate chunks. It was different from what I was expecting, but still good. I cannot wait to try flavors like Coconut Almond Bar, Red Velvet and Carmel Chocolate Pretzel!

Sorry for the terrible sundae picture, especially after all this hype. I did risk loosing a finger just to get this one badly lit, blurry shot!

Moozy’s also had an interesting menu of salads, soups and paninis. I am not sure if they rotate, or if the menu is set. At the time of this post, Moozy’s website was not yet fully functional, but more information can be found on the Facebook and Twitter pages.
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5 Replies to “There’s a New Ice Cream Shop in Town!”

  1. What a truly awesome place this is! The atmosphere is fun and bright and if you are from the neighborhood you will notice some familiar sandwich names (I won’t spoil it). The workers were extremely sweet and patient as they waited for me to make up my mind, with so much to choose from, this will be the only problem you’ll have at Moozy’s. This place is for kids, families and anyone who likes ice cream and sandwiches! Two Thumbs up for the best ice cream in town!!! Congrats!

  2. This is good news/bad news. Good news being we finally have a legit ice cream shoppe close by. Bad news is I’ll be working out a little more to burn off those extra calories! Price has be better than Rancs. Can’t wait to check it out with the boys.

  3. I’ve never heard of this little gem of a place. It looks fantastic. This weekend I discovered that a Pinkberry is opening in the next town over which is really exciting because even though I’ve never been a fan of frozen yogurt I’ve always been a fan of toppings!

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