Summer Travel in New England: Quechee and Woodstock, Vermont – Part 1

I know it’s not technically summer yet…but hey…if mother nature wants to eliminate the winter, I am happy to start my summer travel series early!Vermont

Today’s adventures find my sister, Debbie, and I headed to parts of Vermont we had not previously traveled. Our trip was planned around a suggestion to eat at Simon Pearce in Quechee, V.T. (details on that to come). Woodstock is the closest “city” to Quechee, and there seemed to be a lot to do there. So plans were made, we hopped in the car and headed 2.5 hours north.

But wait! We can’t head out on a road trip without planning a mid-way eating stop. A couple hours into googling every city along the path, I found it! Bavaria German Restaurant in Hooksett, N.H. Who knew Hooksett, N.H. would be a mecca for traditional german food?

I had worked all day, and we got on the road pretty late. So in the interest of time we ordered a “lite snack” to go…

Our lite snack consisted of Käsespätzle (Spätzle with cheese gratin and roasted onion served with mixed salad), a side of sauerkraut, a side of red cabbage, and a side of cucumber salad. Let me just say that this was not a quick to go. We were in the restaurant for about an hour. It was totally fine though. The bartender was friendly, and sitting inside the restaurant reminded us of sitting in our Oma’s house (which is a good thing.)

Terrible cell phone picture of the Käsespätzle

And the food was worth every second of waiting. The spätzle was like german mac and cheese in an indulgent, delicious and spätzl-y way.

The salad that came with it was a fabulous mix of their potato salad, cucumber salad and carrot salad (heaven!!).

The sauerkraut was mild and delicious. In the red cabbage, you really could taste the sweetness of the apples.

Every single mouthful lived up to Oma’s standards…and that is saying a lot!

Bavaria German Restaurant on Urbanspoon

We finished our “snack” as we drove the winding Vermont roads that followed the river and would lead us to Woodstock, Vermont and admired the Super Moon rising over the mountains.

Vermont road

To be continued…

9 Replies to “Summer Travel in New England: Quechee and Woodstock, Vermont – Part 1”

  1. That spaetzle looks awesome! We went to a wedding in Quechee last summer and had lunch at Simon Pearce while we were there for the weekend. I’m headed back to Quechee in July for a bachelorette party and back again in September for another wedding. Love it up there! (I hope you trekked a little farther North and visited the King Arthur Flour store!)

  2. Sounds like you and Debbie had a great road trip and the eats sound wonderful too! Anytime you want to do some random site seeing…count me in!!!! Have fun! Xo

  3. I’m headed to Quechee and Woodstock in a few weeks to run the covered bridges half marathon. I’ll be sure to check out The Bavaria German restaurant on our way North, my husband would love it. Thanks for the info.

    • That sounds amazing Melissa! I have 3 more posts coming up about this area that will have some other must-dos in the area. Sugarbush Farm. You definitely want to check that place out! Make sure to tell Betsy (the owner) that I sent you 🙂

  4. I travelled through Vermont many years ago while making my way up to Quebec and unfortunately did not stop in at Simon Pearce , guess Ill just have to make the trip again . Such a beautiful part of the world going back will not be hard.

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