Breakfast in Bed Courtesy of the New Tempur-Pedic Store in Natick Mall

If you know me in person, you know there are only one or two possessions I have that I literally love. I love things like Ryan, Reisey and food…but generally not possessions. One of the possessions I do truly love is my Tempur-Pedic BellaFina bed.

When Ryan bought the bed for me as a birthday present a couple of years back, we did a lot of research. The problem was, most of our Tempur-Pedic research was done online. It seems that the makes of Tempur-Pedic beds offered in other retail outlets are not the same as those offered through Tempur-Pedic. This meant that we basically had to trust our research, bite the bullet, and hope we loved the bed we ordered (because lets face it, Tempur-Pedics are NOT cheap).

Flash forward 2 years, and I receive an invitation to “Breakfast in Bed”, a private grand opening party for the flagship Tempur-Pedic store in Natick Mall! Brilliant! I know everyone who has felt our bed immediately decided they needed a Tempur-Pedic, so opening a store seems only logical. The company is also planning to open stores outside Cincinnati and Chicago in the coming year.

The store is beautifully set up, and we were encouraged to touch, try, and lay on everything in the store. It seems strange at first, but then you notice everyone around you is doing it, and you can’t stop yourself from touching everything in the store! Tempur-Pedic has really thought of everything from a wall of foam, to remote-controlled TVs at each bed that will tell you all about the model you are trying.

But it doesn’t stop at beds. There are slippers, sandals, dog beds, candles, pillows and more! It is like a relaxation paradise in that store!

Speaking of pillows, (full disclosure) I was given a pillow for writing an honest review of the event. Now, let me preface this with the fact that for my 1st anniversary with Ryan, he bought me a Tempur-Pedic pillow (yes, there is a theme here). That pillow was with me every single night up until just under a year ago. That thing lasted 8 years!!! I replaced it with a knock-off, which has never really been the same. I am not going to lie, I love me some Tempur-Pedic pillows!

Of course, like any good event, the store had a delicious bagel spread for us as well.

Food and pillows…its like these people are inside my head!

A word about receiving a pillow in exchange for this post: As a blogger, I receive a constant stream of PR requests to include things in my blog posts. I say no to the vast majority of them for a multitude of reasons (I’m not interested in the product, the product makes no sense for my blog, I am just to busy to commit…) When I received this particular invite, I immediately said yes. I have been a preacher of Tempur-Pedic since the first night I layed on my bed. In summary, although I received a pillow in exchange for this post, all opinions (as always) expressed in this view are my own.

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