Weekday Brunch at Lone Star Taco Bar – Boston

Ah, Lone Star Taco Bar. Your location is hidden with nothing bit a Lone Star to mark the door, your website doesn’t show up in a Google search, and your food shows up in my dreams making me crave all things Mexican. And NOW you tell me you are serving brunch 7 days a week?! Well now my love for you knows no bounds!Lone Star Brunch

That’s right, now at Lone Star Taco Bar, 7 days a week until 4pm, you can enjoy:

Sweet & Spicy Jalapeno Corn Cakes – Amazing texture with just the right amount of sweet and spicy. I highly recommend these to share!Corn Cakes

…as well as Huevos Rancheros (Two fresh tortillas, fried eggs, house beans, ranchero sauce, avocado, queso fresco), Breakfast Tacos (Scrambled egg, longhorn cheese, avocado crema, and roasted salsa on a flour tortilla), Moronga (House-made Mexican blood sausage, roasted poblano grits, radish slaw, salsa verde, and a fried egg) and Papas Con Chorizo.

These brunch dishes prove to have the creativity and flavor of Lone Star’s regular menu items which I am obsessed with!

But like any good brunch, I was not relegated to just breakfast items! When I heard the day’s specials, I was smitten and knew these had to be sampled!

Lengua Taco (Corned beef TONGUE!!! with a smoky salsa, cojita, creole crema, and some other deliciousness) – It takes a lot to get me to eat tongue, and I would definitely eat this again! The corned beef seasoning stood out, and I could eat a gallon of the smoky salsa!Lone Star Brunch

Sonoran Hot Dog (Bacon wrapped deep-fried hot dog with avocado crema, salsa fresco, refried beans, longhorn cheese and mustard & mayo) – The table shared this, each having a bite. It was a delicious bite packed with texture and flavor. However, I certainly could not eat an entire one of these!Lone Star Brunch

Now, mind you all of this was consumed after some delicious starters for the table. House-made guacamole is definitely the standout amongst the traditional Mexican “dips”.

Lone Star Brunch

But the real surprise of the meal was this amazingly fresh tuna ceviche. With a crisp lime marinade, fresh mango and tuna, this was a delight to try and a perfect pallet cleanser! Lone Star Brunch

Because we were having brunch in the middle of the week, and because I had to get back to work…and because of a bad tequila experience about 20 years ago…I didn’t indulge in one of Lone Star’s amazing sounding Margaritas or tequila drinks. But I can only imagine it would add a whole other layer to this brunch fiesta!

What weekday brunches have you experienced in the Boston area?

Disclaimer: Brunch was provided free of charge to the Boston Brunchers. However, as always, all opinions are my own.
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