Habit-worthy baked goods from Swissbakers in Allston

Once upon a time, there was a mom named Helene who was a pretty darn good baker. The word got out about Helene’s fresh-baked Swiss breads, pretzel rolls and pastry. Fast forward through many farmers’ markets, a 400 square foot bakery in Reading, MA., and a long construction project. This month Helene, her husband Thomas and her 2 sons opened a 12,000 square foot Swissbakers bakery and cafe in Allston, MA. on the edge of Harvard’s upcoming “Innovation District“.

Helene & Thomas of Swissbakers
Helene & Thomas of Swissbakers

Now, I have been a fan of Swissbakers since the first time I took a bite of one of their sandwiches from a farmers’ market. It was a pretzel bun, butter, salami and a cornichon pickle. Essentially it is the definition of what I would call a perfect sandwich.Swissbakers Allston sandwich

If that wasn’t enough, biting into a Choco Weggli sealed the deal. A Choco Weggli is a brioche-like roll laden with swiss chocolate chips. Yeah, I know. But wait, there’s more! Swissbakers likes to call themselves “grandchild sustainable“, which means not only do they use the best, all-natural ingredients, but they also work to have a zero to positive effect on the environment!Swissbakers 5

The care Swissbakers puts into their baked goods doesn’t stop with the all-natural ingredients, it also carries into their baking methods. Take the berliners for instance. This donut-like pastry is made with a buttery dough, which keeps the treat from absorbing oil when it is fried! The result is a light and delicious donut-like treat with only 150 calories!

Swissbakers Allston Berliners

I was lucky enough to get a behind the scenes tour of Swissbakers before they opened with the Boston Brunchers. The enthusiasm and love the owners have for this business is infectious. They make good, wholesome Swiss food. Nothing more, and nothing less. At the new location in Allston, in addition to baked goods, a coffee bar and catering,they also serve a daily hot-plate, a daily soup, and sandwiches either by their design or yours. Not to mention Swiss Muesli, which is a blend of fresh fruit, nuts, yogurt and granola. Swissbakers 1
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Happy Eating!
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