The Best Brunch Buffet in Boston – The Blue Room

Is it propaganda to open a post with bacon as beautiful as this?
Is it propaganda to open a post with bacon as beautiful as this?

That’s right. I said best. That is a big title to give out. Especially when you are competing with heavy hitters like Cafe Fleuri at The Langham who does an outstanding job at a brunch buffet. But brunch at The Blue Room cannot really be compared to just a “brunch buffet”, can it?Blue Room 5

My love affair with the Blue Room started several years back when I attended the brunch with some of my sorority sisters, and continued through several work events. I am happy to report that when I returned with The Boston Brunchers this month, The Blue Room stood up to my memories.Blue Room 3

But what makes a buffet stand out like the Blue Room? Well I am glad you asked! First, let’s talk set-up. You will not find pans of food set out to be dry on top and burnt from sterno lights on the bottom. The Blue Room’s buffet is set-up directly on the kitchen line. Each dish is made in a small batch and served in skillets, platters or baking dishes. While this does mean that if you time it wrong, some things will be empty, it also means that a fresh batch will be out shortly there-after. Blue Room 4

Lets talk meat. More specifically, pork. The Blue Room makes their own sausage AND their own bacon…and it is spectacular. Now, I may get some hazing for this, and I’ll take it, but the sausage actually outshined the bacon! Not that the bacon wasn’t perfect, it was. The sausage was just out of this world good.

From one extreme to the next, lets talk veggies. There was a white bean and sweet potato dish that was out of this world. That dish, and the braised winter greens, both saw a second round on my plate. Blue Room 6

Honestly, everything I ate at the Blue Room (with the exception of a bulgar salad that did nothing for me) was delicious. You can tell that the Blue Room loves what they do, and completely respects every dish that they produce. Blue Room 2

Oh, and let’s not forget the dessert table! The brunchers oohed and awwed over the brunch table, and it was said to be outstanding. However, once I had a bite of the pain perdu that Chef Robert Grant brought out for us, nothing stood a chance. If you ever see this dessert on The Blue Room’s menu, don’t even think, just order it. Order 2 or 3 actually.  Blue Room 7

Brunch at the Blue Room costs $27 per adult and is served on Sundays from 11am – 2:30 pm. The Blue Room is located at 1 Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA 617-494-9034.

Disclaimer: Brunch was provided free of charge to the Boston Brunchers in exchange for a TRUTHFUL review of our event. As always, all opinions are my own.
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