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There is no question, it has been a rough couple of weeks for all of us here in Boston. A side effect I have been experiencing is that I haven’t wanted to do anything related to cooking or blogging. I will leave it to the psychiatrists amongst us to analyze that one. But the fact is, my two favorite hobbies have been ignored.

My non-cooking also equaled no grocery shopping…which equals what the heck do we eat. All I can say is thank goodness for the folks over at Evol Foods. Thanks to them, my freezer has been stalked with all natural, sustainable meals that let me take the brain-break that I needed.evol 1

We all know that frozen food doesn’t have the best reputation. Preservatives, excess packaging, chemical tastes…its just not great. But Evol has changed all that. With a mission to “Inspire people to care about where food comes from & how it is produced by making real food that tastes delicious. Love what you eat.” Evol is definitely rebelling from the frozen food status quo.

I tried a lot of what you see in the picture above. As a kid, I used to love those 5o cent frozen burritos. As an adult, not so much. The Evol burrito looked very similar to one of those, however the nutritionals don’t give you a heart attack. And when you bite into it, the ingredients taste like the ingredients…and amazing concept. Let me warn you though that if you don’t like cilantro, make sure to read the ingredients. All of the meals I tried tasted like fresh cilantro…which is fine by me because I love it!evol 2

Yes, that is fresh guacamole that comes with the burrito…

Look. Just because you are eating a frozen meal doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice ingredients and taste. Evol has proven that, and served it all up in a compostable bowl!

Happy Eating!
Renee Hirschberg

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  1. I’ve been a fan of evol frozen burritos since last summer. I like to keep a couple in the freezer for those afternoons when I’m too lazy to make something.

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