Brunch in Boston: Towne Stove & Spirits Brunch Buffet

Towne Boston Brunch Buffet - outside viewI don’t know if writing a post when you are in a food coma is a good idea or not. If you are reading this, you can tell me. All I know is that if I had more of the cheese and bread pudding from Towne Stove and Spirits’ brunch buffet in front of me, I’d be in trouble…

Towne Boston Brunch Buffet - Cheese Board
Towne’s cheese board. Nothing short of divine.

After a couple of months on hiatus, the Boston Brunchers reconvened on a fine Boston Sunday to ascend upon the brunch buffet at Towne. I have been to Towne before for lunch, and many of you have heard me tout their burger as one of my favorites in Boston, but how would they do tackling a brunch buffet…my  least favorite type of brunch.

Towne Boston Brunch Buffet We were lucky enough to get there before anyone had dug into the buffet yet in order to get some great food porn out-of-the-way. This also helped to get a  lay of the land and work out my buffet plan of attack. There was no doubt about it, oysters would be first, and accompanied by amazing local cheeses with fresh honey comb.

Towne Boston Brunch Buffet
From 12:00 – Wellfleet oysters, beef tataki, honey comb, assorted cheeses, lobster cobb, smoked salmon, jumbo shrimp

Let’s talk about the creamy cheese on my plate directly next to the honey comb. That is called Kunik, and it is very possible that I could have demolished every bit of it that was on that cheese board. I have no shame…but let’s be clear that I did not do that. Kunik is a triple cream mix of goat and cow milk, and it is sublime! Seriously, this plate alone was worth the cost of brunch at Towne ($38).

Towne Boston Brunch Buffet - Eggs Benedict
Egss benedict, potatoes, rib roast hash, chicken sausage, pork tenderloin w/ maple sauce

The carnivore in me took over on my next plate. This is the round that can make or break a brunch buffet. How often does a buffet maintain a runny yolk on an eggs benny? I was thrilled to find out that this buffet knew what they were doing, and a delicious yellow yolk dripped down and mingled with all the other delicious dishes sharing the plate. What can I say. The bacon was crispy, the eggs were runny (in the right way), the maple sauce on the pork tasted delicious on everything, and the rib roast hash was fabulous. Towne has me doubting my preconceived notions of not liking brunch buffets at this point…

And then came dessert.

Towne Boston Brunch Buffet - dessertts
Strawberry shortcake, chocolate bread pudding, berries, waffle…more cheese….

Let me give you a tip. If you would like to sample a bunch of desserts, save the bread pudding for last. This chocolate bread pudding was so F’ing good that it:

  1. Made me use “F’ing” in a post…which I have never done.
  2. Made anything you ate after it pale in comparison.

Yeah, it was that good. Towne Boston Brunch Buffet - DessertsTowne just made it onto my favorite brunch list. And it is definitely giving my other favorite brunch buffet, The Blue Room, a run for its money. If you are in the city for the weekend, if you need a brunch for a shower or birthday, or if you just want to spoil yourself with a very well done brunch, I cannot recommend Towne more. Just make sure to leave some cheese and bread pudding for me…

Disclaimer: I received brunch free of charge as part of the Boston Brunchers, with the exception of gratuity which we happily paid for the great service. I have been to Towne on my own in the past. As always, all opinions are my own.

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Happy Eating!
–  Renee Hirschberg

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