Thinking outside the Box: Creative, Last-Minute Gift Ideas!

It’s the weekend before the big holidays commence, and if you are like me,  you haven’t been able to commit to your final gifts because you want to make sure you get something different. Sure, sweaters and socks have their place…sometimes. But don’t you want to give a gift that surprises your loved ones and makes them smile? Well, here are some (all-be-it last-minute) ideas that I think will do the trick!

This is not the response you are looking for to your gifts!
This is not the response you are looking for to your gifts! That’s what you get for putting the little Jewish girl on Santa’s lap…

The thoughtful stocking stuffer:
Tom’s of Maine – Why not give the gift of great breath and a beautiful smile? You know how you usually get a bunch of fun little things that seem fun when you unwrap them, and then you never look at again? Well, this year wouldn’t it be great if you went to your stocking and it was stuffed with toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, and other locally (to New England ) made sustainable products from Tom’s of Maine? Every time your loved one gets that fresh, all-natural, minty mouth, they will think of you! Toms of Maine

The gifts that give more:
RethreadedI friend of mine for over 25 years, Kristin Keen, started Rethreaded in July of 2012. Rethreaded is a business for women who are coming out of lives of addiction, violence, human trafficking, and prostitution. Rethreaded serves as a place of transformation, where women receive job training and life skills. Rethreaded employees take donated T-shirts and “upcycle” them into new products. So, by purchasing one of their amazing handcrafted products, such as the Grace Scarf, or the Hope Bag, you not only give a high quality, beautiful gift, but you are also helping a beautiful cause. The Grace Scarf from Rethreaded

World VisionDedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the root causes of poverty and injustice. How does this become a great gift? Well, you select a gift from their catalog, and not only does your loved one get an amazing, gift that supports one of these local economies. For example, this beautiful cinnamon bark box filled with cinnamon collected from the Cassia tree in Vietnam is sold for $85. $66 of that sale goes towards this amazing cause. It’s a win for gifting and for bettering the world. Bark box cinnamon gift from World Vision Cinnamon

The gift you might need the most to get through the holidays:
Blue Chair Bay Rum – Let’s not kid ourselves, this may be the most needed gift this holiday season. Sure, you can go the obvious route and bring a bottle of wine or champagne, but a bottle of Blue Chair Bay will not only make you feel like you are on an island getaway, it is also pretty handy. Over Thanksgiving, I not only used it in multiple batches of pina coladas, but I also made a delicious ham glaze with it by boiling equal parts Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum, orange juice and brown sugar until it reduced to the perfect glaze consistency. See, a gift of rum is useful in SO many ways, and completely justifiable! Blue Chair Bay Rum

Disclaimer: I have received samples of each of the above items to review. These items were chosen for this post because I believe in the products and/or causes they represent. As always, all opinions are my own.

Happy Eating!
–  Renee Hirschberg

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