Travel in Cape Cod: Sea Crest Beach Hotel on Old Silver Beach

Sea crest beach hotel activitiesIt is amazing that before this vacation was planned, I had never heard of Old Silver Beach, located in Falmouth, MA. As soon as I booked this trip, I started receiving Facebook and instagram comments from friends and readers who tell me this is their favorite beach on Cape Cod. I heard about the sand that was as soft as powder, the water that was warmer than the rest of the Cape, and the nature surrounding the beach that gives it a surreal quality. Having now seen Old Silver Beach, I cannot argue with any of these comments. Old silver Beach

We arrived at Sea Crest Beach Hotel expecting to check in early and then leave to go explore this area of the Cape. However, the second we pulled in to the gates of the resort, we knew we would be spending every second on property. From the fresh, modern take on Cape decor in the lobby, to the private beach complete with complimentary chairs and umbrellas (for guests), everything we were looking for on the Cape was right here. Sea Crest Beach Hotel Old Silver Beach

We started off with a quick trip to the gym. Yeah, I said the gym on vacation. We were half way through our week and it was starting to catch up with us. So, it was great to spend some time working off the over indulging that had happened so far. And it didn’t hurt that the cardio machines all had interactive TVs with games, TVs, news, and all kinds of fun options. Next it was time for lunch on the patio with the fabulous Emil who ended up waiting on us several times throughout our stay. Patio lunch at Sea Crest Beach Hotel

A couple of words about the staff we encountered throughout our stay, from the bartenders to the towel dispensers: amazing, friendly, helpful, happy to be there, smiling, not intrusive but overly accommodating. I think that about sums it up. Indoor pool at sea crest beach hotel

Ryan and I spent a good deal of our time relaxing on the beach and trying to figure out if the resort reminded us of being in the Caribbean, of the resorts in Florida, or of a flashback from a summer version of Dirty Dancing. Apparently we were getting all of the right vibes, because when we took a tour with (another perfect staff member) Lara the next morning, she confirmed that the resort was built in the 1930’s to mimic the all-inclusive resort vacations that were popular in the Catskills at the time (a la Dirty Dancing), while maintaining a Caribbean vibe. I am pretty sure they nailed the look/feel since this is exactly what we guessed. While the resort is no longer all-inclusive, it does offer everything you need from a robust activities schedule for kids and adults alike, to two saline pools, to an ice cream parlor and several dining options, to the best sunset on Cape Cod.

The lobby of the sea crest beach hotel

This aesthetic carried over into the rooms as well. Our Ocean Front Room (starting rate approximately $500/night) is the exact same decor as the less expensive Standard Room (starting at approximately $300/night) and also the same decor as the more remote Fireplace Rooms (starting at approximately $400/night) which have a less desirable location, but much more room and, naturally, a fireplace. Also of note, the hotel is constantly updating their buildings and rooms. The Standard Rooms were renovated in 2011 and are getting ready to already go through another round of renovations. This explains why everything looks so clean and fresh at the hotel. decor in ocean front room at sea crest beach hotel

Naturally we did a lot of eating at Sea Crest. Actually, we did so much eating that I am writing a second post to share those experiences and all that we learned from Executive Chef Daniel Kenney. There are some really exciting culinary adventures happening at Red’s Restaurant & Lounge, even when the summer season has ended. Dinner at Sea Crest Beach Hotel

Given its magnificent location in Falmouth, MA, and all of the amazing amenities that Sea Crest has to offer, fun is not limited to  the summer. In addition to the great dining options available year-round, fall at Sea Crest is a perfect time to go biking through the foliage, to explore the fascinating attractions in town, or to stroll on the beach with the foliage on the cliffs around you glowing before you retire to the coziness of your Fireplace room. Thinking of all of this kind of makes it not so hard to swallow that summer is coming to an end…

Stay tuned for my next post on dining at Sea Crest Beach Hotel. Check out my instagram and Facebook pages for more pictures from our trip. For more information on Sea Crest, check out their webpage, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received a free nights stay and free meals in exchange for my review. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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