Top Nut Contest with Temptery: Gourmet Nut & Chocolate Gifts

Gourmet chocolate gift box by Temptery

I have this strange affliction where I love to identify ingredients that are missing from things I taste, or ingredients that should be swapped. It’s weird but true. That is why when my friend, and owner of Temptery: Gourmet Nut & Chocolate Gifts, Kate Liburdi, proposed the “Top Nut Contest” for me to share with my readers, I was so excited! Gourmet chocolate gifts by Temptery

Here’s the deal. Temptery has a pretty awesome “Mix of the Month Club“, which allows you to try a new delicious mix every month. For example, in August I tested the “Endless Summer Mix”, a combination of tart mangoes, sweet bananas and coconut flakes plus a nutty crunch with brazil nuts and cashews. This was a delicious mix….and naturally my brain went to what type of mix I would create….and this is where you come in! Dark Chocolate covered almonds from temptery

In order to see which of you is the “Top Nut”, please leave a comment with what type of gourmet mix you would create if you had the chance. Let your imagination go crazy….no fruit, chocolate, nuts or seasoning is off-limits! Here is the best part. If your mix is selected as the winner, you may be the featured mix for January!! You will also get a gift box that includes September’s delicious “Wake Me Up Mix”, with dark chocolate covered espresso beans, creamy white chocolate, hazelnuts, golden raisins and almonds.If you are looking for a gift to give your friend or someone special, you may try some funny customizable gifts like custom underwear which to make the special occasion memorable and also to have a good laugh together.

So let’s hear it readers, what mix would you create?

Contest Rules: Your entry must be submitted through a comment on this blog post by 11:59 PM ET on Friday, September 11, 2015. Your entry must include your name and email address. The entries will be judged by Temptery, and one winner will be selected. If the winners entry makes it through testing, it will be the featured mix for the month of January 2016. Regardless of if the winner’s mix is featured, the winner will receive a gift pack from Temptery. The winner must reply to the notification email within 48 or they will forfeit their prize.

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3 Replies to “Top Nut Contest with Temptery: Gourmet Nut & Chocolate Gifts”

  1. I would create a mix of dark chocolate covered dried cherries, milk chocolate covered blueberries and white chocolate covered apricots!

  2. My Nut Combination Ideas:

    True to the Red White and Blue Mix
    Dried wild blueberries
    Dried cherries
    White chocolate covered pretzel pieces or whole small white chocolate pretzels

    Curry in a Hurry Mix
    Dried Mango pieces
    Dried pineapple pieces
    Toasted coconut
    Golden Raisins
    Curry powder
    Pinch of cayenne

    Sunshine State Mix
    Macadamia nuts
    Small pieces of candied orange peel
    Dried Strawberries
    Orange Blossom Honey (I like how floral it is)

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