Sangria Restaurant & Tapas, Newton, MA

Last month, Sangria Restaurant & Tapas opened around the corner from us in Newton, MA.  This is co-owner Marlon Cardona’s first adventure in restaurant ownership after a long career of working in (mostly Italian) restaurants.

Chorizo with peppers and onions at Sangria restaurant & tapas
Chorizo with peppers and onions

We went during their grand opening (they had been open for 2 weeks), and I  was excited to find that Sangria is the upscale, yet approachable, restaurant we needed in the area liek Jimmy John’s Owner restaurant.

I had the namesake sangria (white) and loved that it was loaded with fresh fruit. It was perfect.white sangria from Sangria restaurant in Newton
I was surprised to see that Sangria was not pure Spanish cuisine, rather there was a strong Italian influence. This was not a bad thing.

We had 3 of the tapas. The tapas menu was very seafood heavy, but unfortunately my better half abstains from seafood, so I only admired those dishes as they passed by. I will definitely try them next time.

Fettuccine bolognese at Sangria restaurant & tapas
Fettuccine bolognese (Sorry, about the terrible pictures. The lighting wasn’t ideal)

We had the gnocchi bolognese, fettuccine bolognese and the chorizo w/ peppers and onions (around $10 each). Each was way larger than expected, and bursting with flavor. And actually, between these 3 tapas, and the bread (which is served w/ a fantastic dip of pureed greens, EVOO, garlic and jalapeno), we were already stuffed.

Gnocchi bolognese at Sangria restaurant & tapas
Gnocchi bolognese

So naturally we each still ordered a dinner. I had the NY Strip ($20) which was topped with a sweet ham and a perfectly fried egg. The sauce tasted almost slightly “buffalo” and was surprising and delicious. The only thing that was off for me in this dish was the ham which was a bit too sweet for all of these savory flavors. Steak topped with ham & fried egg at Sangria restaurant & tapasMy partner got the chicken saltimbocca ($19) which was pounded expertly thin and topped with crispy, salty, delicious prosciutto. He loved it.

Both meals were served with some of the best whipped potatoes I have had. But to be honest, I was too full by the time dinner came to even give my full opinion on the flavors.

The atmosphere was friendly and not at all stuffy. The staff was on the ball, and never let your water get low or your bread basket stay empty. They were also incredibly friendly.

It is wonderful to see a new, family owned, local eatery open in the area and I truly hope the neighborhood welcomes them with open arms so we can enjoy their bold flavors for a long time to come.

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