Fourth of July in Travel in New England

Pops loading up the family truckster for one of our epic , 6 people in one wagon, across country road trips.
My love for summer travel started way back in the early 80’s when I rocked the hipster plaid flannel before it was hipster. Pops loading up the family truckster for one of our epic , 6 people in one wagon, across country road trips.

I am so excited to finally kick-off this year’s Summer Travel in New England series! When I moved to New England 11 years ago (our Bost-aversary is July 3!), I was really looking forward to experiencing the snow, which I didn’t have much experience with growing up in Florida. As my dreams of becoming a pro snowboarder eluded me, I discovered that summer and fall in New England are pretty spectacular as well!

Snow Slide
The closest I will ever get to being a pro snowboarder. See that look of terror on my face? Yeah, that’s a 10 foot slide.

My love of Cape Cod is inked all over this blog, from my header, to the multiple posts about the Cape and endless Instagram documentations. Cape Instagram

And yes, the Cape is the perfect place to spend the Fourth, and yes, I will be spending my Fourth on the Cape. BUT, for those of you who (GASP!) don’t want to head out to the Cape, you are in luck. New England offers many, many¬†diverse and fantastic activities to celebrate this great land. Here are just a couple of places you may want to visit this Fourth of July holiday.

Stowe, VT

Photo Courtesy of
Photo Courtesy of

I haven’t spent much time in Stowe in the Summer, but it is one of my FAVORITE places to visit in the Winter and Fall (and the best Moscow Mule ever is available year round!). But this celebration is the perfect time to experience the Summer Stowe! Make a weekend of it, and enjoy huge sidewalk sales, the Farmer’s Market at Spruce Peak, and lots of other fun activities that will make you proud to celebrate Independence Day!

Hampton Beach, NH

My dad checking out the Hampton Beach Sand Sculpture Competition last summer.
My dad checking out the Hampton Beach Sand Sculpture Competition last summer.

There is more to Hampton Beach than just it’s Boardwalk filled with arcades, chotchkies to buy, and fried dough you can’t resist. There is also a very full summer calendar, with fireworks and live entertainment not only on the Fourth of July, but also many other days throughout the summer.

Provincetown, Massachusetts


Did you really think I could put up this post without mentioning P-town, let alone Cape Cod? It can’t be done! And why would it be done? Provincetown, MA, at the very tip of Cape Cod, is the perfect place to celebrate what has made America a place to celebrate. It is a place of freedom, love, entertainment, fun, where everyone is accepted and celebrated. Why would you want to celebrate any where else? If you need traditional Fourth of July activities, Ptown has plenty of those too. But the real celebration is getting back to the roots of why so many people came to “the land of the free”…, I actually got a little emotional writing that. Its been a hard couple of weeks for American rights, freedom and happiness, so right now we could all use some celebration I guess!

I cannot begin to even scratch the surface of the plentiful amazing celebrations happening in New England. There are lots of other resources out there though, like Yankee Magazine and Visit New England.

Whatever you decide to do, please be safe and remember to celebrate every one who came to this country to be independent and free!

Where are you celebrating the Fourth of July?

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