Moving to the Upper Valley

There is a very good reason I haven’t posted in a LONG time, I promise! It all started last March. Ryan and I were driving back from our last ski day at Mount Sunapee, brainstorming creative ways to be able to move up to that beautiful region. I joked that there was only one job in the New Hampshire/Vermont area that could make that dream happen, and what were the odds it would be available any time in the near future. Skiing at Mount Sunapee

Flash forward one month, and I was sitting across from the Executive Director of Human Resources at The Tuck School of Business for an initial interview for the position of Director, Alumni Engagement….the ONE job that could make our dream a reality!! Flash forward to July 14, and I am saying goodbye to my amazing MIT Sloan colleagues, packing up a U-haul, and Ryan and I are on our way to the Upper Valley of New Hampshire! Holy $%*^!!!Article from Tuck School of Business announcing Renee Hirschberg as the Director of Alumni Engagement

See, a perfectly good reason for not writing, but hopefully you have been following me on Instagram so you have stayed up to date!  But if you haven’t, a quick update: in the last 3 months, we have bought a home, said good-bye to the love of our lives Reisey, hiked a mountain, shopped at incredible farmers markets and settled in to our new, COMPLETELY DIFFERENT “country” life.

Picture of the rocks at the swimming area at the bottom the Quechee gorge
I have visited the Quechee Gorge several times, but I guess I had to wait to be a “local” to know you can swim at the bottom!

While everything in this last 3 months has gone more smoothly than we could have ever have dreamed, I am not going to lie, it definitely took a toll on my eating habits. As many of you know, about 2 years ago this past February, I quit eating dairy as part of an elimination diet to figure out the stomach pains I was having. Not only did my stomach pains completely disappear, but I also lost 20 pounds in just 2 months due to the inflammation and negative effects dairy was having on my system. I lost 20 lbs in 3 months after going dairy-free

The following spring, March 2016, I did my first round of Whole 30…and I loved it! I was amazed by the willpower I showed myself to adhere strictly to the program. I felt wonderful, and was never hungry. But the best thing to come out of Whole 30 was during the “reintroduction” period. Throughout the entire 30 days of the program, I didn’t experience any of the shoulder pain, headaches, or skin issues I had on the right side of my body that always seemed to come at the same time. The second I reintroduced gluten, BAM! They were back! Before cutting gluten out completely, I talked to my doctor to make sure this even made sense. Apparently, it makes perfect sense! Gluten (or the chemicals and processing of gluten) causes inflammation in some people. It seems that when I eat gluten it causes inflammation in my shoulder which in turn causes my head and skin (caused by nerves being pressed on by the inflamed muscle) issues.

tomato, pepper and basil salad from Farmers Market ingredients
The Farmers’ Markets in this area make it VERY easy to eat clean!

The net/net is that for the most part I eat a dairy free and grain free diet. I don’t follow this exclusively, because who wants to live a life 100% without pizza, or pasta, or sandwiches. But a generally eat this way 90% of the time, and I feel better for it. Needless to say that during the last 3 months my diet has not been my priority. But as we slip into our new “normal”, I look forward to coming back to Eat.Live.Blog and writing regularly.

Renee cleaning blinds on her deck to get the house ready.
Cleaning, organizing and making the house “ours” has taken priority over my cooking and eating habits.Naturally I always smile like this when doing house work!

There are so many amazing adventures to be had out here! I can now be a locavore, a hiker, a skier and fixer-upper-er all in my neighborhood! How incredible is that?! Welcome back readers, I have missed you all!

The view from halfway up Mount Cardigan. Lots of granite and trees and there are mountain views for miles!
Halfway up Mount Cardigan in Canaan, NH.

A quick shoutout to some of the amazing businesses I have had the opportunity to work with so far: Heidi Reiss w/ Coldwell Banker Lifestyles (she is seriously amazing and GOT us), Rob Messenger from Title Mortgage (he can make magic happen, FAST), Meghan Lee from Goss Logan insurance (she got everything done AND had a baby and still followed up with us), Jim from Whaleback Storage for keeping our belongings safe during the move and dry during July’s crazy weather, and the Norwich Farmers’ Market for being so amazing that we knew immediately we needed to live in this area.

Gizmo's Pickled Plus stand at the Norwich Farmers' Market
Naturally I go to the pickle booth at the Norwich Farmers’ Market

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  1. Great read and inspiration to seriously acknowledge what we consume and how it effects our bodies internally and externally!
    I ❤️ Your blog!!

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