Restaurant Review: Nud Pob, Boston

Every day around 11:15, my coworker and I have the following conversation :
Me: Did you bring your lunch today
Her: Yes
Me: I didn’t, what should I get
Her: **Lists a bunch of restaurants**
Me: Hello Nud Pob, I’d like to order the P1 with Ground Chicken for pick-up please
The P1: Hot Basil w/ Ground Chicken

Always call ahead! During lunch there is almost always a pretty hefty line, and if you call ahead, you still have to wait in that line, but at least your food is waiting for you at the end of the line!  My go-to is the Basil Chicken, but everything I have tried here is solid. The Pad Thai is of special note. I am not a huge Pad Thai fan, but theirs is something special!

Read my full review of Nud Pob here. Visit Nud Pob on the web here.
Nud Pob Thai Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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  1. Yum! I’ll put in a plug for my favorites too: vegetarian fresh rolls, tofu & veggie green curry, and tom yum soup with extra veggies.

    Love their new spot on Comm Ave!

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