Thanksgiving Potluck Appetizers

Fresh local Cranberries

It’s November people! And I am already starting to hear holiday rumblings on Facebook and elsewhere. But I am not going to let Thanksgiving get away that easy! Every year, we do a potluck Thanksgiving at one of my in-laws. The host is generally responsible for the turkey and traditional sides and everyone else generally brings appetizers, additional side dishes and desserts.

When I look for appetizers, I look for EASY!!! You don’t need additional stress when you are getting ready for the holidays. I also look for something that I can prepare in the morning and either just put it out when guests arrive, or quickly pop it in the oven. You never want guests to see you slaving away in the kitchen. The key is to make it look simple, never let them see you sweat!

Another thing to keep in mind is knowing your audience. This side of my family is not super adventurous when it comes to food. So I like to stick with ingredients they know…so not to scare them off. There are some amazing recipes out there for those of you with more adventurous taste buds.

I thought I would share a few of the recipes I am considering for my potluck contributions this year. I am planning to also post side dishes, pumpkin recipes and desserts I am considering in the coming months. I would also love to hear from you, what are you making for thanksgiving this year?

Thanksgiving Potluck Ideas

Pepperoni Pull Bread – A Beautiful Bite
There are many recipes out there for this type of app, and they all look delicious! For the sake of time management, I will most likely alter Melanie’s recipe a little bit so that I don’t spend the time wrapping cheese and pepperoni into each ball. I plan to use more of a layering technique. But if you do have the patience for this method, I am sure the results will pay off with cheesy goodness in every bite.

Pull apart pepperoni bread from a beautiful bite
Pepperoni bread recipe and photo courtesy of A Beautiful Bite.

Boiled Peanuts – Eat.Live.Blog
You may think this is a strange option for a Thanksgiving snack, but bear with me. This is a holiday that is all about family, comfort and home…and I would venture that there is not a snack that is more homey than these guys! They are perfect to set in bowls throughout your living room….just make sure to have a 2nd bowl close by for the shells!

Beet Deviled Eggs – Good Cook Doris
I have been obsessed with these since the first time Lara shared them with me. These do take 3 days to “pickle”, so make sure to plan ahead. But who doesn’t love a deviled egg, and when they are this pretty, you will have them thinking you are a domestic God(dess)!

Deviled eggs for the holidays
Beet Deviled Eggs – Recipe and Photo by Good Cook Doris

Cheese Platter – Marcella the Cheesemonger
A cheese plate is one of my very favorite things to make for the holidays. I like that I can introduce people to something they may not have tried before, and it is so fun to make a cheese platter pretty! I had a hard time finding a good blog guide to building one of these platters, but I really like how Marcella talks about matching your flavors. Again, you need to know your audience. One year I spent close to $100 on a cheese platter with the most beautiful aged gouda. Unfortunately, the flavors were just too much for this group, and the Cabot cheddar was the only item to go…and I ate about a pound of beautiful aged cheddar. I also highly recommend labeling your cheeses so everyone knows what they are tasting.

Cheese platter for the holidays
My cheese plate from last Thanksgiving with Cabot Cheddar, Beekman 1802, and marinated mozzarella.

Sausage Party Squares – Domestic Adventure
These tasty little squares, while not attractive, are a HUGE hit every time. Can I please reiterate one more time that they do NOT look appealing? I also want to go ahead and put it out there that this recipe uses ground sausage and Velveeta. The Velveeta is vital to the success of this app, so grab that 10 lb block out of your pantry and get cooking! One change I would make from Domestic Adventure’s recipe is to hunt down the mini bread (cocktail bread) that usually come in rye flavor. They are about 1″ square and make this recipe perfect! If you have trouble finding them, ask someone in the bakery, they should be able to point you in the right direction.

Baked Brie with Cranberry Sauce – Closet Cooking
Need I say more? It is beautiful. It has all the flavors of the season. it is warm and inviting. It is the perfect holiday appetizer. That is all.


Baked Brie and Cranberry Sauce for the holidays
Baked Brie and Cranberry Sauce courtesy of Closet Cooking

What apps are you bringing to the party this holiday season?

Happy Eating!
–  Renee Hirschberg

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Anyone who knows me knows how much I love food, cooking, creating recipes and finding the best hidden gems restaurants around. Follow my adventures in all these things and more!

7 Replies to “Thanksgiving Potluck Appetizers”

  1. Thanks for including me in your post!!! Great ideas – it was an aged gouda that first “hooked” me on specialty cheese… and it has taken me all over the world. I’m writing this from Anchorage where I am here to open a new cheese shop for Fred Meyer/Kroger.
    Marcella Wright
    American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional

  2. As a cheese lover, the baked brie and cranberry sauce looks divine! Thanks for so many great appetizer recipes. I cannot wait to get started sharing these with my guests!


    Rosana Santos Calambichis, President

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